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You can register today and launch your profile on the platform. Your business details will be confidential to yourself and the investors you wish to target.

The investors range from:

Fund Managers
Family offices
Angel investors
Institutional Investors
Private Wealth managers
High Net Worth Individuals


High failure rate

Studies show that failure to get enough financing is, at 38%, the leading cause of failure


of startups fail within the first year


of startups close within their first two years


Just over 50% of businesses make it to their fifth year


Only 25% of businesses make it to the 15-year mark
There are many individuals and organization offering financing, but you need to find the one that is right for your business.
The right financier may also help your business through its involvement and advice.

How does YouLaunchMe help you?

We get to know you well through our online interactive survey

We match you with qualified investors from our extensive (25k+) database based on your needs

We help you get in touch and achieve best results

We also help before and after getting funded


We can help you incorporate

We can help you find the right incubator for you


We can help you structure your financing agreement

We will support you with legala nd advisory needs

What is under the hood?

Our matching engine is getting smarter every day:

Through the combination of an extensive network of investors, VCs, Family Offices, Startup Studios, Angels,Sovereign Funds (including promotional finance), etc. and the harnessing of progressively more sophisticated levels of AI to understand entrepreneurs’ needs, we aim to be the premier venue for small businesses and Startups to achieve financing of their ventures.

We will use your data in an aggregated confidential manner to improve our predictions.



In order to give structure, manage demand and protect data, YLM is implementing a system of credit based on digital tokens, awarded to participants based on their activity, expended in exchange for the information provided and eventually tradable independently.

As a result of using digital tokens, data integrity is assured and queries are independently auditable overtime.