Art. 1 - Whereas

These General Conditions govern the relations relating to the services offered by YouLaunchMe®, a UK Limited company with registered office in London (registration nr. 13311660) in favor of Users, who access the Web Services in the exercise of their professional activity or for preparatory activities for professional activities.    

Access to the services through the website https://youlaunchme.com is allowed only through the use of authentication credentials, consisting of a personal, confidential and non-transferable "USER ID" and "PASSWORD", indicated by the User in the registration procedure. Sending the completed " form " for Registration implies the knowledge and automatic acceptance of these General Conditions. 

Art. 2 - Object of the service

YouLaunchMe ® provides registered users with a service of:

a) access to databases of contacts and general corporate information of start-ups and investors; 

b) sharing of personal and contact data with other users. 

YouLaunchMe ® offers a database consultation service for start-ups, founders and companies in general on the one hand and professional investors on the other, in order to allow both parties involved - as users of the service - to enter directly and independently in contact for the purposes identified by them as useful. For these reasons, the activity carried out by YouLaunchMe® and the company exercising the same shall in no case be considered financial intermediation or solicitation of public savings.

Art. 3 - User declarations, obligations and responsibilities

In order to access the services it is essential to fill in the "mandatory fields" provided in the registration form. The User assumes full responsibility for the legal consequences deriving from the acceptance of the service, remaining solely responsible for the activities carried out through the use of the authentication credentials. The service offered by YouLaunchMe ® is allowed only on condition that the personal data provided during registration are correct, truthful and consistent with each other.

In particular, the user is responsible towards YouLaunchMe® and third parties for the truthfulness and lawfulness of the information entered in relation to the offers and declares to be in possession of a suitable legal title enabling his / her activity, if legally requested and compatible with the stage of development of the User’s activity.

The User hereby agrees to indemnify YouLaunchMe® from any claim of any nature that might be submitted by third parties as a result of information that might  reveals false, incorrect, incomplete or related to unlawful situations or for any other reason.

The User expressly declares and acknowledges that the Services offered by YouLaunchMe® through the Portal have the sole purpose of facilitating the exchange of information relating to the business development sector for start-ups, without in any way representing a mediation activity. Any activity necessary to get in touch with the potential counterparty is completely left to the User's initiative.

The User undertakes to use the Services exclusively for lawful purposes and in any case in compliance with the provisions of the law regarding the protection of personal data and intellectual property, and to indemnify and hold YouLaunchMe® harmless from any claim or claim of third parties, which should derive from the use or abuse of the services.

The User agrees not to copy, download, aggregate, store or any other business data processing on the database YouLaunchMe® that shall be considered in all respects subject of intellectual property the and industrial of the same, as well as not to carry out activities that violate or allow others to violate the rules on the protection of privacy. It is expressly forbidden to publish and enter in any way, on the pages of the website, information on activities that may present forms or contents of an illegal nature under the law of the United Kingdom, even if such activities are not illegal in the country of residence of the User.

In general, it is forbidden to use the website or to carry out actions that could damage, deactivate, overload or compromise the functionality , or interfere with the use by third parties.

Art. 4 - Obligations and responsibilities of YouLaunchMe®

YouLaunchMe® is in no way responsible for the information that is entered by the User when filling in the forms - with particular reference, for example, to truthfulness, completeness, non- deceptiveness , lawfulness -, nor is any obligation assumed to verify and control such information.

In no case YouLaunchMe® will be involved in the contractual relationships that may possibly be established between the Users in connection with the sole registration on the website without further written agreement. It follows that YouLaunchMe® cannot, for any reason, be called to answer for non-fulfillment or be involved in disputes that may arise in relation to a possible contract concluded between Users , nor for any damages, direct or indirect, that may aris. from the failure to conclude a potential contract.

In any case, YouLaunchMe ® reserves the right to suspend or cancel the accounts of Users for whom it has reasonable grounds to doubt the truthfullness of the data communicated and / or compliance with the aforementioned contractual obligations.

Art. 5 - Consideration

As of today's date, no fee is due for the provision of the service, which is provided free of charge against the sharing by the individual User with YouLaunchMe® and other users of their contact details.

YouLaunchMe® reserves the right to subsequently request payment of a fee for the aforementioned service and / or to propose additional optional services. In such cases, users will always be informed in advance of the proposed additional services or changes in the economic conditions, without prejudice to any amount being charged without the prior and explicit consent of the users involved.

Art. 6 - Technical assistance

In view of the free service, as of today YouLaunchMe ® undertakes no obligation to provide technical assistance or guarantee the continuity of service to users.

Art. 7 - Intellectual and industrial property rights on the website, service and database

The trademarks and distinctive signs published on the website, as well as the website itself and the data (and their structure) contained therein, are the property of YouLaunchMe® or third parties, but in the availability of the same and protected by the respectively applicable legislation; in any case, access to the website does not give the User the right to use such trademarks and distinctive signs without the written authorization of their respective owners.

Art. 8 - Changes to the General Conditions of Service

The User expressly authorizes YouLaunchMe® to send to the email address, the same indicated in the registration phase, or accounts notices containing the General Conditions, any special conditions and subsequent amendments, which constitute all contractual terms of provision of the Service.

Art. 9 - Confidentiality and protection of personal data

Each party undertakes - for the entire duration of the contract and also subsequently - to process the personal data of which it becomes aware during the execution of the services governed by these General Conditions  in compliance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and the Privacy and Cookie Policy of YouLaunchMe®, available on the website and notified in advance during registration. In particular, the User declares to have read the Privacy Policy, as well as having given consent to the processing, if necessary.

Art. 1 0 - Communications between the parties

For the purposes of the communications referred to in these General Conditions , the parties, unless otherwise provided by law, elect their domicile:

a) with regard to YouLaunchMe® : at its operational headquarters indicated on the website; 

b) as regards the User: at the office indicated in the registration form. 

Art. 11 - Applicable law and competent court

This contract is governed by the law of the United Kingdom, to which reference should be made for anything not expressly provided for. For any dispute, the Court of London will have exclusive jurisdiction .


The following paragraphs  are expressly recalled and specifically approved by the User : User declarations, obligations and responsibilities - 4 Obligations and responsibilities of YouLaunchMe® - 6 Technical assistance - 11 Applicable law and competent court